D&K Sound Services is versatile and efficient, providing sound systems for events large and small, and studio services for professional and private customers.

This is a short list of the variety of services we offer. Select a service to read more about what we can do for you.

Seminars / Conferences

Seminars are a staple in our diet here at D&K Sound Services. We provide sound reinforcement for your presenters, as well as any additional technology you require, ensuring that all attendees can hear and see clearly. From LCD projectors to document cameras to audio and video teleconferencing, our technicians make technology work for you. Whether your meeting is held in a conference center, hotel, classroom or your own boardroom, we have the flexibility to serve your small-scale presentation needs.

Corporate Events

We regularly provide support for corporate meetings with audiences ranging from 200 to 2000 people. For these larger events, we work closely with your logistical coordinators, as well as other technical crews, including lighting & rigging, video projection and staging personnel. With multiple compact but powerful speaker enclosures, flown overhead from truss and configured into multiple zones, we can tailor the sound field so that every one of your audience is assured of strong clear sound. From individual presenters to panel discussions to audience questions, quality and clarity is our primary concern.

We can provide an array of professional wireless microphones, and take audio from laptops, video playback, audio and video teleconference systems, and more. Our technicians can provide audio to ADA compliant personal listening devices, press pools, and video recording.


Whether high school or college, graduation is a special day for students and families alike. Each name called is the most important name to someone on stage and someone in the audience. Our technicians at D&K Sound Services understand this, and can setup a sound system that will meet the needs of your graduation ceremonies. Indoors or out, microphones, speakers, and processors all work together to project the cleanest, clearest voice reproduction possible.


From its very beginning, D&K Sound Services has been providing custom studio services and quality sound for local dance schools. While CD recording is commonplace on most home computers, editing skill and speed are not built-in. Our technician will edit your music, seamlessly matching measure and tempo so your dancers won’t miss a beat. All your songs are burned to CDs in the correct order for your show so there’s never any fumbling for the next number. You can even get copies early for dress rehearsals, while we keep a “show” set safe for the day of the performance. And when that day comes, we’re there, too. We can set up stage and house speakers, provide wireless microphones and even video tape the performance for later sale.

Studio Recording

D&K Sound Services Inc. has offered a quality recording studio for voice over and narration work for nearly four decades. Today, we continue to record voices for video, multimedia, radio and television. Select professional voice talent by auditioning them from our library of demo reels, or provide your own voice. Our engineers conduct the recording session with attention not only to technical quality, but also pace, performance, delivery and of course, your budget. You also have your choice of delivery, from raw digital files to a finished mix, duplicated and ready for distribution.

Audio Processing / Clean-up

Sometimes a recording just isn’t as good as you need it to be. From evidentiary tapes to sentimental record albums, audio clean up can help restore some of the value to these recordings. Because processing techniques and results vary from recording to recording, our technician will listen to a sample of your audio and give you an honest, no-cost, and no-obligation evaluation. Tape hiss, rumble, clicks and pops can often be reduced or eliminated. Your processed audio can be returned to you on CD, further preserving as much quality as available.

Reel / Record / Tape to CD Conversion

Memories come in all forms; sometimes the recorded voice of a grandparent, or a favorite song from “back then”. When you want to preserve those recordings, we can help. D&K Sound Services Inc. can play back many older recordings, capturing their sound into the digital realm. From there we can create one or more CD’s, the perfect way to preserve and share memories with family and friends. Open reel tape, cassettes, even 78RPM custom records can be copied and preserved this way.

Ribbon Cutting / Ground Breaking

Commemorating a new monument, kicking off an event, or opening a new building? D&K Sound Services Inc. has the equipment and experience to help make your kick-off a crowd-pleaser. From small gatherings to to huge groups, indoors or out, let us provide take care of your technical needs, from microphones and speakers to pool feeds, ALD devices, and more.

Outdoor Festivals

A warm breeze is blowing, and the rolling notes of fun, summertime music fill the park. D&K Sound Services is there, making sure that every one attending hears this great performance. We can make this happen for your town, too. We’ll coordinate with you and your performers to tailor a system that fits their needs, and your budget. Monitor feeds, effects, delays, playback and recording, all are available to make your music enjoyable and your event memorable.