Whether audio or video, if you need more than one, ask about our duplication services. From "one-offs" to one thousand - or more - we offer customized service and fast turn-around.

This is a short list of the variety of services we offer. Select a service to read more about what we can do for you.

CD Conversion

We can capture sound from tapes, records, reels, video sources, and DATs, optimize the sound and create a CD master. Nostalgic recordings, custom records, and even legal interviews are perfect for converting to CD. And from this master, we make a few - or a few hundred - copies.

Video Format Conversion

Different countries use different format video tapes, and many are incompatible from one country to the next. We can convert to and from all three major formats of VHS tape. We can also convert from PAL (European) DVDs.

DVD Duplication

From your DVD master, we can create a few - or a few hundred - copies. We use high quality media, and offer competitive rates with a fast turnaround.

CD Duplication

CD's are arguably the most common format today for music, lectures, seminars, software, and other data. Wether you bring your own, or have us make one for you, we can duplicate from your CD master onto high quality media, and we can do it fast.

VHS Duplication

VHS is not yet forgotten! This durable format is still widely used in schools, government and training environments. We can duplicate VHS tapes in small and large quantities from VHS, DVD or BetaSP masters.


Distributing audio-books, lectures, or other messages? Let us make your audio cassette copies at high-speed, saving you time and money.